5 Benefits Of A Disaster Recovery Plan For a Small Business

Every small business should have a disaster recovery plan. When the “disaster” strikes, you can be left without vital information, which you may have spent years to collect. Sometimes, one little mistake can lead to irreversible consequences. The damage can be so bad that it may put you out of business for months.

It’s impossible to plan for every little thing. It’s much easier to create a workable disaster recovery plan.  Many businesses ignore this matter since they believe it’s highly unlikely that the disaster may strike. Meanwhile, the average cost of the data breach in Canada surpasses 6 million dollars. Over 50 % of small businesses are not prepared for such failures and suffer the consequences.

Experts from Firewall Technical computer support services explain the benefits of creating a disaster recovery plan as soon as possible.

1. You Are Not Immune

When you say “It won’t happen to me”, you are lying to yourself. Even the best protection can’t keep your information from being lost. While you are trying to save time and money by ignoring the disaster recovery plan benefits, you are bound to lose much more by not implementing it.

Protecting your hard work should be your top priority. There are no excuses for ignoring the disaster recovery measures.

2. Finding New Customers Is Harder Than Working With Old Ones

The amount of time and money you invested in finding and contacting your target audience is overwhelming. Imagine what would happen if you were back to square one. Hack attack, natural disaster, unexpected power surge, and human error can easily erase the information you’ve been collecting for years. Are you ready to risk this and start all over again?

3. Reestablishing Your Reputation May Take Years

It’s hard to build a reputation. It’s even harder to revive it. The sudden loss of data can lead to a long-term service outage. When your clients face delays, the trust is the first to go. The next time, they will find a more reliable company to work with. Are you ready to risk your reputation? Making a disaster recovery plan is much easier than finding new clients.

4. People Make Mistakes

Even if none of the natural disasters are waiting to strike and your security is flawless, don’t forget about human error. In fact, human error is among the most common causes of data loss. As long as you have people working for you, you are at a risk of a disaster. Even the most sophisticated software can’t prevent a human error.

5. Machines Aren’t Perfect

While humans make mistakes, machines do it too. You are never safe from a power outage or internet connection failure. A sudden power surge or an unexpected rebooting algorithm can leave you without a very important file. Is it smart to risk weeks of work just because you are sure “it won’t happen to me?”

The only reason why you may want to avoid making a disaster recovery plan is the lack of money. However, you will lose much more by avoiding it.

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