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Resilience Cyber team are true experts in cyber security.
We provide high quality information security, disaster recovery & business continuity services

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About Cyber Resilience Technology Corporation

Making sure the critical business data is safe regardless of what is going on in the outside world is imperative for any respectable company. At Resilience Cyber Technology Corporation, we focus on keeping your information safe while reducing the recovery time to a minimum.

Disasters, malware attacks, and failures are part of any contemporary business. While focusing on prevention is vital, learning how to deal with such incidents is compulsory. We offer trusted solutions to keep your business working even when the problems arise.

Our team specializes in creating an IT disaster recovery plan tailored specifically for your business. We help create a fully functional backup of your environment in order to recover all the data in case of a failure. At Resilience Cyber Technology Corporation, we provide the expertise needed to come up with a smart and effective disaster recovery plan.

Even three seconds of downtime can spell disaster for a business. Angry clients, lost data and reduced revenues are just a few side effects. Business continuity planning allows you to avoid losing opportunities. We provide a full range of services for to keep your business functioning in case of a serious incident, disruption or downtime.

Besides keeping your data safe during a disaster, we offer preventive measures, such as malware protection and improved network security. By reducing a chance for a disruption to a minimum, we are keeping your business functioning 24/7. At the same time, we offer extensive IT consulting related to any part of your business.

With Resilience Cyber Technology Corporation you:

  • Feel safe knowing that we perfect your ability to recover lost information.
  • Know that your disaster recovery plan is developed and ready to use.
  • Feel confident about the continuous functioning of your business.
  • Know you can get professional advice on any business related IT matter at any time.

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